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Megan Easley-Walsh Author, Writing Consultant and Editor

Writing Consultant: Experienced Freelance Editor with College Teaching Experience offering Editing Services for Writers

Built on over nine years of helping others with their writing, Extra Ink Edits combines college teaching experience, editing and writing knowledge to help you perfect your writing through professional editing services of a writing consultant!

I am a certified English teacher and have taught writing to college students. My editing services have helped writers secure publishing and agent contracts. Working with a writing consultant means that you have the benefit of more than just simple corrections. You learn effective ways to strengthen your writing. It’s an investment in your writing future. Sometimes it takes just a little polish. Sometimes scenes need to be rearranged or characters more developed. Whatever your writing issue, I am equipped to help strengthen your story from general impressions of a beta reader to intense line edits. Content editing is my speciality. I also offer specially individualized writing consulting services. Advice, especially tailored to you, is on offer with answers to all of your writing questions. If you need assistance with crafting your project, booking consultancy hours is for you.

As well as being a writing consultant and editor, I am also a bestselling author of historical fiction, an award-winning writer, and a researcher. I have five published novels and a book of writing tips for writers. I understand the process and care about writers. Industry experts have praised me for my strength of writing, pacing and poetic sentences.
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I’d be honored to read your writing! Contact me at [email protected]

Full prices for editing services are below in the chart. There are a number of discounts offered on package deals. Feel free to ask any questions!


Testimonials from clients for my editing services:
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Services How long will it take? (This is an estimate.) Price
All work should be in good condition for submission, as all services provided are polish rather than construction with the exception of the specialized help from the writing consultant service.
Specialized Help by Writing Consultant (Help to craft your writing, advice tailored to you) Same day service (Arrange before 3pm EST) $50 per hour
Query Critique (includes supplemental read throughs) Same day service (Arrange before 3pm EST) $25
Synopsis Critique (Includes a second read-through after you implement any suggestions) Next day service (Arrange before 3pm EST) $50
General Impressions Full Manuscript / Beta Reader Under 40,000 words Less than one week $100
General Impressions Full Manuscript/ Beta Reader 40,000-70,000 words Less than one week $150
General Impressions Full Manuscript / Beta Reader 70,000-100,000 words *for Over 100,000 words inquire for price* Less than one week $200
Full Manuscript Editing Depends on word count $1.50 per page
Essay or Short Story Critique Less than 700 words  Same day service (Arrange before 3pm EST) $50
Essay or Short Story Critique 700-1200 words Same day service (Arrange before 3pm EST) $75
Essay or Short Story Critique 1200-2000 words (Inquire for other word counts) Next day service $100
Back cover blurb for Self-published/ Indie Authors Same day service (Arrange before 3pm EST) $75
Title Help – Can’t think of a title? Tell me about your book or send a synopsis and I’ll offer five title suggestions. Same day service (Arrange before 3pm EST) $50